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The technological superiority of an organization in general and of a manufacturing company specifically, clearly pertains to its mechanical equipment, both in the research and development level and in the manufacturing/production level as well. However, it also pertains to the packaging, storing, and transporting levels, and making the products available to the market. Moreover, it pertains to synergies with other companies, institutions and organizations that are able to contribute in a similar way to improve research efficiency, development and production of new, quality products. That synergy inevitably leads to the evolution and the improvement of all aspects of the internal processes of the organization.

DUROSTICK through the years, but with increased intensity in recent years, has made significant investments in equipment and infrastructure modernization of both the field of production and in areas related to packaging, storage and placing on the market its products in perfect condition.

The effort is ongoing and uncompromising.

We always aim to create and maintain satisfied and happy customers/end-users of our products and we do everything in our power, not only to meet but, to exceed the requirements and expectations that all of you have from us and our products.