PROPERTIES New generation two-component, elastomeric, polyaspartic, aliphatic based (cold polyurea) waterproofing product. Presents excellent adhesion to any sound cementitious surface. It creates a high performance, seamless membrane, without bubbles or defections. It has long-lasting resistance to UV radiation and standing water. Distinguished for its excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, as well as for its zero-water absorption. Certified as `Cool’ material of high reflectivity and whiteness by the National Technical University of Athens, Department of Mining & Metallurgical Engineering, Laboratory of Metallurgy. Classified as product for protection of concrete surfaces per EN 1504-2. APPLICATIONS WATERPROOF 500 of DUROSTICK is suitable for waterproofing exposed concrete roofs, cement slabs, mosaics or cement screed, rooftops, parapets, existing bituminous roofing felt systems, bituminous membranes, metal roofs, well adhered acrylic and polyurethane based waterproofers. USE Surface preparation: To ensure the proper adhesion of the product, the surface must be stable, flat, clean and free from dust, oils, rust and any loose paint. Remove all existing paints, cement residues, moss and fungi by sanding the surface(s) and clean with a hard broom cleaner or a high-performance vacuum cleaner. Fill any gaps and repair the surface imperfections using the suitable repairing products of DUROSTICK. Before any application, the moisture content of the substrate

should not exceed 4%. Repairing large cracks (>1mm) and sealing expansion joints is done by using the polyurethane sealant DUROFLEX-PU. Waterproof the surface after 12 hours of the application. Absorbent cement surfaces are stabilized with the water-based epoxy primer, WATERPROOF EPOXY PRIMER AQUA, diluted 25% with water. Non-absorbent surfaces, such as bituminous roofing felts or metal surfaces are primed with WATERPROOF EPOXY PRIMER AQUA epoxy primer, diluted up to 10% with water. Application: After 24-48 hours have passed from the primer application, mix the two ingredients at the predetermined mixing ratio using a low-rpm drill, until the mixture is completely homogenous. The application is done in one or two coats, without any dilution, with a roller or brush. Apply each coat crosswise and only when the previous one is thoroughly dry and walkable (approximately 12 hours later). USEFUL TIPS - NOTES • Stir well the two ingredients before use. • Waterproof the vertical surfaces (parapet) around the roof throughout their height. • Avoid applying the product in thicknesses over 1mm thick per coat. • Low ambient temperatures slow down the curing process, while high temperatures speed it up. • Avoid applying the product in high humidity conditions (> 75%), or if there is a chance of rain for the next 24 hours. • Do not wash the substrate with water before the application. • Once the product is cured, any application residues can be removed only by mechanical means. Two-component polyurea based waterproofing See more information about waterproofing

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (Measurement conditions 23°C and 50% R.H.) Final color of membrane White Chemical Base Two-component aliphatic polyurea Specific gravity of mixture 1.45±0.05kg/lt Mixing ratio Α:Β 2.5:1.0 by weight Working time 60-90 minutes Walkability After 6 hours Full curing time 7 days Application temperature From +3°C to +35°C Temperature resistance From -40°C to +90°C Capillary water absorption w per ΕΝ 1062-3 w=0,006kg/m2. h0,5 Permeability sD to CO2 per EN 1062-6 (method Α) sD>50mm Water vapour permeability sD per ΕΝ ΙSO 7783-2 sD = 2.49m [class Ι, (sD<5m)] Adhesion to concrete, per ΕΝ 1542 2,5 N/mm² (requirement for flexible systems with no traffic: 0.8 N/mm²) Resistance to impact per EN ISO 6272-1 20Nm (class ΙIΙ) Shore A hardness (ASTM D 2240) >70 Shore D hardness (ASTM D 2240) >30 Solar Reflectance (SR) (ΑSTM E 903-96) 90% Thermal emittance (ΑSTM E 408-71) 0,88 Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) (ΑSTM G 159-98) 114 Hydrolysis (5% KOH, 7 days) No significant elastomeric change Chemical resistance Good: Acid and alkaline solutions (5%), common detergents, oils and seawater for roofs g roofs on DUROSTICK YouTube channel

www.durostick.com V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds): Limit value of maximum V.O.C. content according to EU (Directive 2004/42/ΕC) for the particular product (category A/c: `Coatings for exterior walls of mineral substrate’, type WB): 500gr/lt (2010). The ready to use product contains maximum 250gr/lt V.O.C.

ADVANTAGES • Zero water absorption • Easy to apply, even in high thicknesses • Covers micro cracks and prevents them from reappearing • Excellent adhesion • Stable against UV radiation for a long time (no chalking), while retaining its white color and gloss • Once cured, within 24 hours, the product is immediately tack free and walkable • Dries quickly, even at low temperatures • Maintains its mechanical properties, at temperatures from -40°C to + 90°C • Durable against corrosive gases in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, and various chemicals • Does not absorb mud rain and remains white • Excellent resistance to mold and algae formation • High solids, low odor protective coating • Highly resistant to scratches and abrasion • A product with high mechanical properties, suitable for applications on surfaces subjected to high stresses and increased requirements. Two-component polyurea based waterproofing for roofs

Realistic sample application WATERPROOF 500 (2 coats) Two-component polyurea based waterproofing for roofs CONSUMPTION: • 1.0kg-1.2kg/m² in two coats, depending on the substrate. • 1.5kg-1.8kg/m² in three coats, depending on the substrate (long-lasting protection). PACKAGING: 4kg container (Α: 2.86kg, Β: 1.14kg) 20kg container (Α: 14.3kg, Β: 5.7kg)

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