Waterproofing System for Roofs... ...with Thermal insulating, Soundproofing, Crack-resistant & Anti-vibration properties

dB Block is a multipurpose, innovative product of DUROSTICK in paste form. It acts as a waterproofing, anti-crack and anti-vibration on the internal or external surfaces where it is applied, while at the same time it provides them with excellent thermal insulation properties. Applying dB Block on roofs as a substrate for DS-220, ensures the complete waterproofing of surfaces (does not age), even if the top waterproofing coat gets damaged or fails at some spots. It uniformly covers the surfaces with a protective flexible coating without seams and joints. It adjusts to the expansions and contractions of surfaces long term and it remains unaffected by the small vibrations of the substrates. Its combination with the top quality elastomeric waterproofer DS-220 (pic. 3), creates a watertight system that is resistant to adverse weather conditions, intense temperature variations, ultraviolet solar radiation (UV), with excellent resistance to moisture and standing water. The final surface retains its whiteness (pic. 4) is unaffected by chalking and it can be cleaned simply and easily only with water. The result from the application of the system is the elongation of the service life of the top waterproofing coat, the thermal insulation of the surfaces and the significant energy savings. USE Surface preparation: The application surfaces for the roof waterproofing system of dB Block & DS-220 must be sound and thoroughly cleaned from dust and any loose materials. When working with non-sound or brittle cementitious surfaces, prior to the Waterproofing system for roofs

application of dB Block, it is highly recommended to first prime with the micromolar stabilizer AQUAFIX of DUROSTICK. Application: dB Block is applied directly on sound concrete without primer. It covers perfectly, without the use of fiberglass mesh, capillaries and microcracks and eliminates the possibility of crack reappearance. Apply the product on the entire surface and continue up the baseboard onto the parapet, in order to create a secure waterproof basin (pic. 2). Use the product to also permanently seal cracks in cementitious gutters (pic. 1). Roof surfaces already waterproofed with well-adhered asphalt roll roofing or with old cement tiles that exhibit problems related with waterproofing, ageing or application failures, are perfect application fields for dB Block without primer. The application of dB Block over them will preserve them and improve the condition of the application surface. Continue by applying the waterproofing coat using the elastomeric waterproofer DS-220 without priming. In the end, the application of the system results in the long term shielding and waterproofing of the surface. The overall result from the application of the waterproofing system dB Block & DS-220 is a walkable roof surface suitable for normal us. Note: if the roof surface will be lined with tiles, natural stones or any other lining, or if the roof surface will receive additional construction work, the use of a flexible cementitious waterproofer, such as HYDROSTOP ROOF or HYDROSTOP 2 COMPONENT of DUROSTICK, are both highly recommended. with Thermal insulating, Soundproofing, Crack-resistant

• The creation of an effective coating to protect the roof, the most exposed structural surface of a building (solar radiation, rain, frost, snow). • Protection against moisture and environmental chemical pollutants from penetrating into the concrete slab causing its carbonation, the oxidation of steel rebars or other significant damage, possibly affecting the structural integrity of the slab and thus of the building it self. • Reduces the temperature difference between interior and exterior environment, drastically reducing condensation of water vapor and mold growth, due to its energy characteristics. • Reduction in the energy consumption needed to heat and cool the underlying interior spaces of the building. • Reduces the ageing process of waterproofers and doubles their waterproofing capabilities. ADVANTAGES & Anti-vibration properties

DS-220 Elastomeric waterproofer for roofs (liquid rubber) dB Block Multipurpose paste www.durostick.com (pic. 3)

(pic. 1) (pic. 4) (pic. 2)

Waterproofing System for Roofs with Thermal insulating, Soundproofing, Crack-resistant & Anti-vibration properties CONSUMPTION dB Block: 1.1kg/m²/mm thick coat CONSUMPTION DS-220: 1.0-1.5kg/m² for 2 coats Realistic sample application of dB Block (2 coats) & DS-220 (2 coats) PACKAGING dB Block: 3, 10 & 15kg PACKAGING DS-220: 5, 15 & 25kg Extends the service life of the top waterproofing coating(s)

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