1 6 unique properties in 1 innovative product •Crack proof •Vibration proof •Thermal insulating •Sound proof •Bonding •Water proof in paste form

2 DUROSTICK’s research, development and technology division has designed an innovative product, capable of performing and completing a wide range of exceptionally demanding building applications. dB Block is a product in paste form, based on a cutting edge formula of the chemical technology. It proves its versatility with ease, acting as a Vibration proof, a Crack proof and a Soundproof product with the unique ability to reduce the transmission of disturbing perceptible noises from 50% to 70%. At the same time, it functions as a Thermal insulating, Bonding, as well as a Waterproofing product. Apply it to create a uniform and flexible protective membrane, without any joints and seams, able to yield the sum of its properties on every construction application, practically eliminating the need for using several products. The innovative composition of dB Block includes, among others, top quality acrylic and polyurethane resins, as well as a Buna-s type rubber blend. 6 unique properties in1super product


4 Certifications Certified by the National Research Institute (Nanotechnology Laboratory of the Institute for Theoretical and Physical Chemistry) with regard to its soundproofing properties. Certified by the University of Athens (Building Environment Studies Group, Department of Physics) with regard to its thermal insulating properties. Classified as product for surface protection of concrete surfaces (c) per EN 1504-2.

5 The substrate must be sound, free from loose sections, dust and oils. Brittle or dusting surfaces must be primed first with the micromolar stabilizer AQUAFIX or the SOLVENT BASED PRIMER of DUROSTICK. Surfaces, already coated with paints and/or adhesives (such as ceilings), must first be stripped from their coating(s) and they have to be thoroughly cleaned in order to ‘receive’ smoothly dB Block. Steel surfaces are properly prepared by applying the appropriate primer. Apply the ready-to-use product as is, with a 4-6mm notched trowel to achieve a coat thickness between 2-3mm. Continue by smoothing the surface with the straight edge of the notched trowel to yield a satisfactory smooth surface. The product can also be applied with a finishing/spackling trowel, depending on the coating thickness and the application. In hard to reach areas and corners, apply the product in 1-2 coats of equal thickness, with a wide brush or an emulsion brush. Please allow for 5-7 hours to pass between coats, always depending on the ambient conditions (temperature, humidity). For better workability, dilute it up to 5% with water, depending on the application. Surface preparation Use Apply it on interior and exterior, horizontal or vertical building surfaces, such as plaster, concrete, plaster board and lightweight construction surfaces, wood surfaces, wood constructs form OSB, marine grade plywood, etc., metal surfaces and steel construction surfaces, aluminum panels, sheet metal, polyester, plastic surfaces, PVC piping and a variety of other materials. dB Block is ideal for application in new, under construction or existing buildings, plus for hotel and store renovations, catering hall renovations, etc. Applications

6 Apply dB Block with remarkable ease on interior and exterior walls and ceilings made of marble based plaster. Apply the product in a 2-3mm single coating. The application of a second coat is optional and depends on the requirements of the project. It can be applied 5-7 hours after the application of the first one, always depending on the ambient conditions (temperature, humidity). Achieve a perfectly smooth finish of all interior surfaces by applying the elastomeric putty STUCOFIX ELASTIC PUTTY. Once the putty is thoroughly dry, usually a day later, paint using the ecological emulsion paint SUPER ECO of DUROSTICK, available in hundreds of shades. Create exceptional and unique styles on wall surfaces by choosing the microcement in paste form DS-258 DECO MICRO FLEX or the decorative cement mortar DS-259 DECO MICRO RESIN directly on the surface of the dB Block. Continue by protecting the newly decorated surface by coating it with the odorless varnish DECOFIN AQUA or DECOFIN AQUA PU of DUROSTICK. For the protection of exterior coated surfacNew or existing, painted or unpainted walls and ceilings Interior wall surface application dB Block Multipurpose paste Stucofix Elastic putty Flexible putty for joints, cracks & smoothing surfaces Super Eco Ecological emulsion paint + DS-258 DECO MICRO FLEX Microcement in paste form or DS-259 DECO MICRO RESIN Resinous decorative cement mortar of fine finish

7 dB Block Multipurpose paste D-80 Ηydrostop elastic Elastomeric and sealing paint Τhermoelastic Colour Thermoceramic energy efficient paint or es, it is highly recommended to use either the elastomeric paint D-80 HYDROSTOP ELASTIC or the thermoceramic energy efficient paint THERMOELASTIC COLOUR of DUROSTICK, available in hundreds of colors. Once coated with dB Block, wall and ceiling surfaces are soundproofed, waterproofed, thermally insulated and they are also protected from cracks. dB Block lines walls and ceilings with a flexible, highly watertight protective coat. It effectively covers hairline and micro cracks, prevents their reappearance and protects the coated surfaces from the formation of new ones. Exterior wall surface application

8 Construction surfaces made of gypsum board and cement boards or fiberboards, on walls, ceilings and partitions in general, are an ideal application field for dB Block. Apply it without priming, without taping or even spackling over the screw holes. Coat the surfaces and give them soundproofing, waterproofing, thermal insulating and anti-vibration properties, while ensuring their protection from future cracks. Paint, spackle or line the coated surfaces in the same manner, as described above. Existing or new drywall and lightweight construction surfaces The flexible properties of dB Block make it ideal for applications on wood surfaces and constructs with any type of wood. Specifically, OSB construction surfaces, when lined with dB Block and without the use of any primer, they are waterproofed, soundproofed, they acquire antivibration properties, and they are ensured against cracking of the joints and of their final lining coat. The use of the wood preservative DUROXYL WOOD Protection/Conditioner is completely optional. However, it is recommended for the long term protection of the uncoated MDF or marine grade plywood surfaces and the prevention of their infestation from wood boring insects. The fortified with dB Block wood surfaces can be coated with the ready-to-use elastomeric STUCOFIX ELASTIC PUTTY and all interior surfaces can be painted with the ecological emulsion paint SUPER ECO of DUROSTICK, available in hundreds of colors. dB Block surfaces can also be coated with one of the flexible cementitious microcement products of DUROSTICK, but also with tiles or any other lining of choice. Wood surfaces and wood constructs

9 Metal surfaces and metal construction Μetal buildings, aluminum panels, steel frame lofts and any other metal structure, easily ‘accepts’ the application of dB Block. The application of dB Block dramatically reduces the sound of rain or other sounds generated from the exterior environment. dB Block also acts as a waterproofing coat that effectively protects metal surfaces from moisture and water, naturally preventing their corrosion. Due to its unique flexibility, it successfully adjusts to the expansions and contractions of the surfaces, ensuring the protection of the flexible lining materials that will eventually coat them, from crack formations. dB Block also acts as cold and heat barrier, thus contributing to the energy upgrade of the building, resulting in energy saving. Unpainted metal surfaces are first primed with METAL PRIMER of DUROSTICK.

10 In renovation projects, expectations are quite demanding. Delivery deadlines and ease of quick turnaraound are of major importance. Apply dB Block as is, directly over the soon to be renovated surface, without removing/ demolishing the existing floor linings Smooth the applied product with the straight edge of the trowel. Its application creates the perfect bonding conditions for the lining that will follow. It smoothes surface defects and it also waterproofs, soundproofs, thermally insulates and ensures protection from future crack formations on the new linings. Once fully cured, it facilitates the use of flexible tile adhesives, such as ELASTIC or EXTRA POWER of DUROSTICK. Grout the new floor surface using the epoxy grout DUROPOXY or the VITREOUS TILE GROUT 1-10mm of DUROSTICK. dB Block also ‘works’ perfectly with flexible microcement, such as DS-252 FLEX of DUROSTICK. Use it to also install/adhere wood floors and linings, without the need for any other adhesive. Even in newly built constructions or in places that change their use, dB Block is applied directly on solid cementitious substrates and concrete, without primer. For all of the above reasons -among other things- dB Block is becoming a favorite product of renovations and contractors alike. Floor surfaces made of ceramic tiles, mosaic, marble, wood, or laminate installed with glue that will all be renovated dB Block Multipurpose paste Extra Power 100% Vinyl acrylic highly deformable adhesive Elastic Highly deformable adhesive for all types of tile & marble DUROPOXY Two component epoxy based grout and tile adhesive VITREOUS TILE GROUT Fine 1-10mm Installation of new tiles over existing ones or or

11 For several years, cementitious microcement has been the absolute product in decoration and design. The product that dreams are made of... Multifunctional, versatile, it can be applied on every possible surface or object. It has become a favourite tool in the hands of architects, interior decorators, and those with aesthetic value and appreciation for the unique. It has been applied by experienced professionals, in homes and stores, malls and hotels, everywhere there was a need for decoration with a unique point of view. Over time, however, the main flaw of the product was uncovered: Superficial cracking. Now dB Block comes to safeguard the installation, it comes to create safer application conditions with its antivibration protection and its ability to prevent cracks when used as a substrate. It successfully and constantly receives and absorbs expansions and contractions of the substrate. At the same time, it waterproofs the very same substrate and blocks rising damp. By completing the above tasks, it ensures the integrity of all flexible cementitious microcemento linings, such as DS-252 FLEX and DS-256 FLEX VELVET of DUROSTICK. dB Block together with flexible microcement functions as one system that yields sound applications with durability over time and through use. In addition, all coated surfaces will now have excellent bonding conditions of the microcement with the substrate, as well as waterproofing, soundproofing and thermal insulating properties. Residential and commercial, interior and exterior spaces, they are all considered exceptional application fields for the system. Even microcement applications permanently exposed on exterior surfaces, such as balconies, terraces, or even rooftops used as roof garden spaces, are proved to be perfect application fields for this multifunctional and protective product. Even microcement applications permanently exposed on exterior surfaces, such as balconies, terraces, or even rooftops used as roof garden spaces, are proved to be perfect application fields for this multifunctional and protective product. In the end, all projects decorated and crafted with microcement require protection with water or a solvent-based acrylic, polyurethane epoxy or polyurea varnish, depending on the requirement and nature of the application. Plaster Concrete DS-252 FLEX Protective varnish DUROFLEX-PU dB Block Microcement installation on floors made of mosaic or ceramic tiles or even new, bare floor surfaces Application as a crack protection and prevention system Fiberglass mesh DS-4160

12 Applying dB Block as an undercoat for roof and terrace waterproofing coatings ensures the absolute waterproofing of those surfaces long-term since the undercoat will not age. Even if the waterproofing coat gets damaged or fails, the substrate will not get harmed. Apply it directly over concrete, without priming, to absolutely cover hairline and micro cracks, without using any mesh tape, and at the same time ‘prevent’ any new ones from appearing. Its application will also maximize the waterproofers coverage. The product lines the entire surface(s) with a uniformed and flexible protective coat, without any seams nor joints. Surfaces that are not sound or they are brittle should be primed with the water based micromolar stabilizer AQUAFIX of DUROSTICK, prior to the application of dB Block. Already watertight roofs and terraces with well adhered asphalt roll roofing systems or existing cement roof tiles can gain new life instantly. After the meticulous cleaning of the surface and the removal of any loose sections, apply the product on the entire surface. Make sure that the product is applied to the parapet walls as well, in order to create a waterproof, ‘basin-like’ area. Due to its exceptional flexibility, dB Block will adjust over time to any substrate movement and will remain unaffected by ground vibrations and temperature variations. This will offer protection as well as extended life of the top waterproofing coating. Depending on the use of the roof or terrace(*), the top waterproofing coating product can be a flexible cementitious waterproofer, such as HYDROSTOP ROOF or HYDROSTOP 2 COMPONENT. We also suggest the use of acrylic waterproofers, such as DS-220 or polyurethane based waterproofers, such as HYDROSTOP-PU of DUROSTICK. *HYDROSTOP ROOF, HYDROSTOP 2 COMPONENT: suitable for heavy use. For space use with heavier demand, the cementitious waterproofers can be lined with tiles, natural stone slate and other lining material. DS-220, HYDROSTOP PU: suitable for foot traffic, without stic king (normal use)) By combining the use of dB Block as a system with a top waterproofing coating, one can easily, quickly and affordably achieve: • The creation of an effective protecting coat of the roof or terrace, the upmost exposed construction surface of a building to the elements (solar radiation, rain, frost, snow). • The protection against moisture and chemical pollutants of the environment from penetrating into the concrete slab of the roof, causing concrete carbonation and rebar corrosion. Those will eventually cause significant damage, that could affect the structural stability of the concrete slab and of the building as well. • The reduction of the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor environment, thus significantly reducing vapor condensations and the development of mold and mildew (due to its energy efficient skills). • The reduction of energy consumption that is required to heat and cool the underlying interior spaces of the building. • The delay of the ageing process of the top waterproofing coating(s) and doubles their waterproofing capabilities. Waterproofing system for roofs

13 or or dB Block Multipurpose paste Extends the life of top waterproofing coating(s) HYDROSTOP ROOF White cementitious flexible waterproofer for roofs DS-220 Elastomeric waterproofer for roofs HYDROSTOP-PU Polyurethane waterproofer for roofs

14 Thermal insulation systems for building facades are intended to energy upgrade buildings by thermally insulating them. The incorporation of dB Block in the application process fortifies the thermal insulating properties of those systems. It ensures their watertightness, crack prevention and protection of the top-coat plasters and soundproofs from airborne noises, generated from the exterior environment. This system upgrade provides comfortable living conditions for the people occupying the spaces of the building. Apply it, without primer, over the thermal insulation adhesive that is coating the insulation boards. Once cured, apply the top-coat plaster over it. Plaster such as the silicone plaster HYDROSTOP SILICONE PLASTER, or the acrylic plaster HYDROSTOP ACRYLIC PLASTER. Alternatively, use the cementitious and flexible plaster HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC. Complete the application of the cementitious and flexible plaster, by priming and painting it with the thermoceramic, energy efficient paint THERMOELASTIC COLOUR of DUROSTICK. The plasters in paste form are available in 44 color chart colors. dB Block can also be applied externally on any existing construction, wherever the application of a thermal insulating system is not possible. It adheres perfectly, without primer, to plastered or painted walls, and covers capillaries and micro cracks. The product yields the sum of its many properties and ultimately upgrades the energy efficiency of the building. Depending on the aesthetic requirement, it can be smoothed over with the straight edge of the trowel or it can even be spackled (for a perfectly smooth surface. Complete the application by painting, using the elastomeric acrylic paints of DUROSTICK, such as D-80 HYDROSTOP ELASTIC or THERMOELASTIC COLOUR. External thermal insulation systems for buildings ULTRACOLL THERMO Fiber-reinforced adhesive for insulation boards on walls and roofs ULTRACOLL THERMO Fiber-reinforced adhesive for insulation boards on walls and roofs XPS ETICS EMB DUROSTICK DS-4160 Fiberglass mesh with 4χ4mm mesh opening for reinforcing external thermal insulation systems HYDROSTOP SILICONE PLASTER Silicone based waterproof top coat plaster/render in paste form Application on an external thermal insulation system

15 Interior thermal insulation system for buildings The interior thermal insulation and sound protection, which is achieved through the application of dB Block of DUROSTICK, is the most suitable solution for existing and new residences. Its application will easily, quickly and economically upgrade their thermal and sound insulation value. Due to its small application thickness (2-3mm), it is ideal for interior (wet, cold) walls, ceilings, attics, closet interiors, without ‘disturbing’ the functionality of the application area. For any building that cannot be externally thermally insulated, such as historical and preserved neoclassical buildings or apartment buildings with owners who do not agree to external interventions, dB Block is the only viable solution. It soundproofs and thermally insulates the interior spaces of residences with resilient and flexible soundproofing and energy efficient protective coat, that is capable of ‘interrupting’ the flow of airborne external, disturbing noises. As for its energy efficiency, it will reduce the temperature difference between the interior and the exterior environment, drastically reducing the condensation of water vapor, that results in fungal growth and mold formation. The natural result of the dB Block application is to achieve energy savings of up to 30%. Walls and ceilings coated with dB Block are soundproofed, waterproofed, and thermally insulated, while at the same time they are protected from cracks.

16 What is sound? Sound is the mental perception of waves produced by objects that vibrate. The sound waves are decoded by the complex acoustic means of humans, our ears. To measure the volume level of a sound, we use the decibel scale (dB). The scale was named in honor of the American physicist specializing in acoustics, Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), more widely known for the invention of the telephone. The invention of the telephone is based on the variations in the air pressure (when one speaks to the receiver), formed by the amplitude of the sound wave. What is noise? Noise is any unwanted sound. Airborne is the noise transmitted through the air. Structure borne is the noise transmitted through solid objects, such as the structural components of a building. Impact noise is the structure borne noise generated from impacts, strikes etc. What is noise pollution? Noise pollution is the bothersome noise in the environment. It is the second environmental hazard to human health, next to environmental pollution. A World Health Organization study has shown that exposure to noise pollution is detrimental to human health. According to the research, the continuous and long-lasting exposure of the human body to noisy environments causes hearing damages, headaches, dizziness, nausea and even heart problems. Blood pressure is increased, stress is exacerbated and psychosomatic illnesses appear. Sleep, concentration and also learning abilities are all disturbed. ‘Victims’ of the degradation of the acoustic environment are, above all, the people living in large cities, with public transport being the largest source of noise pollution. Due to their nature, countries that qualify as vacation destinations are exposed to noise in all tourist attraction spots. Let us take a closer look at the attitudes of the people living in large cities... A large percentage of them are irritable and easy to upset, sometimes violently erupting without obvious reasons and present psychosomatic problems. A few words about sound

17 The human organism is not ‘made’ to deal with loud and aggressive, constant noises. Indicatively, we present a table with common daily sounds. Sound description Sound volume in (dB) Leaves blowing in the wind 20 Interior of a quiet home 40 Store or shop 70 Busy street 80 Thunderbolt 100 Concert - Club 120 The impact of noises on humans depends directly on the frequency of exposure of each individual to them, the duration of the exposure and their physical condition. Children are more sensitive to noises. Protect them, ensuring acoustic comfort conditions, at least in their home. 68dB 80dB 71dB 81dB 74dB 85dB 77dB 130dB According to allowed noise limits, sounds that do not exceed 68dB, characterize the sound environment as Comfortable. Sounds up to 80dB, characterize the sound environment as Very noisy. Sounds that do not exceed 71dB, characterize the sound environment as Good. Sounds exceeding 81dB, characterize the sound environment as Aggressive. Sounds that reach 74dB, characterize the sound environment as Tolerable. Chronic exposure to noise levels above 85dB leads to loss of auditory acuity. Sounds that reach 77dB, characterize the sound environment as Noisy. It is the level where sound causes pain and can lead to the rupture of the ear drum. From acoustic comfort to noise ADJACENT ROOM ADJACENT ROOM ADJACENT ROOM AIRBORNE NOISE IMPACT NOISE

18 • Ideal for new constructions and renovations of buildings, hotels, gyms, children’s rooms, kindergartens, offices, metal buildings lined with insulating panels, catering places, coffee places, night clubs and other residential and commercial facilities. • Small finish coat thickness, 2-3mm. • Uniformed surface, without joints nor seams. • Follows the expansions and contractions of the substrate. • Significant reduction of sound transmission from airborne and impact related noises. • It can be painted or lined with carpet, wood flooring, laminate, ceramic tiles, microcement, etc., without affecting its properties. • Favourite product for renovations. 1 product offering 6 properties on every project it is applied, practically eliminating the need for using several products. • Strong adhesion to any material. • Exceptionally flexible bonding of dissimilar materials. • Remains permanently flexible. • Easy application, even on unleveled or dissimilar surfaces. • Easy clean up with water and sponge, while it is still fresh. • It is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. • It waterproofs and energy upgrades the surfaces it is applied on. • It combines and bonds all types of acoustic foam sound absorbing panels. • Crack-proof product As a substrate, it safeguards the top coat from any crack formation. Those cracks could generate from the natural movement of the underlying surfaces (expansions, contractions), mechanical stresses and micro vibrations of the ground. • Vibration-proof product As an intermediate coat, it absorbs the surface vibrations of top coats. It protects them from wear and extends their service life. • Bonding/adhering product Permanently bonds similar and dissimilar materials and surfaces. • Waterproof product Due to its thermal insulation properties, it waterproofs the surfaces it is applied on and protects them from moisture. • Thermal insulating product Successfully interrupts the transfer of heat and cold, acting as an energy efficient barrier of the applied surfaces. • Soundproofing product Noticeably reduces airborne and impact noises generated from the interior and exterior environment of building structures. • Ideal value for money product. The advantages of dB Block in a flash

19 Performance: 1.1kg/m²/mm thick coat. Packaging: Available in 3kg, 10kg & 15kg containers Useful tips - Notes: • Mix well before use. • Protect the product from frost. The sum of the active properties of the product are valid for every application. • Plasters: Interior and exterior applications. Permanently safeguards their crack protection and waterproofs the substrate. • Gypsum board: Waterproofs, soundproofs and ensures the crack resistance of the top coats, without the necessity of using mesh tape or spackling screw holes and joints. • Ceilings and walls: Soundproofs and ensures the acoustic comfort of spaces. • Interior thermal insulation: Interrupts the flow of heat and cold from the external environment to the internal. • Rooftops and terraces: Waterproofs, thermally insulates, soundproofs and extends the service life of the top waterproofing coating(s). • Renovations: It is applied directly over existing tiles, waterproofs and soundproofs before the installation of the new lining. • Laminate flooring: Ensures the vibration proof properties of the coated surfaces, waterproofs the substrate and soundproofs as well. • Plumbing installations: Highly effective in reducing the noise transmitted through PVC piping, Jacuzzi fixtures (before their installation), heating installations, cooling and fresh air ducts, gutters, etc. just by coating their exterior surface. • Boats - ships: Adheres perfectly to any surface and ensures the soundproofing of the interior spaces of boats or ships alike from the splashing sound of waves, that penetrates and reverberates along the hull of the ship. Apply it to reduce the noise by half. Indicative dB Block applications Technical specifications (Measurement conditions 23˚C and 50% R.H.) Form - Color Thixotropic paste - Light gray Bulk density 1.10±0.05kg/lt Smoothing time Up to 10 minutes from the application Skin formation Approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the weather conditions (temperature, humidity) Second coat application time After 5-7 hours, depending on the weather conditions (temperature, humidity) Curing rate 2mm/day Final cure time 7 days Crack bridging ability per ΕΝ 1062-7 > 2.5mm, Class A5 Permeability sD in CO2 per ΕΝ 1062-6 sD > 50m Water vapor permeability sD per ΕΝ ISO 7783-2 sD =7.38m, 5m ≤ sD ≤ 50m (class ΙI, water vapor permeable) Capillary water absorption w per ΕΝ 1062-3 w = 0.02kg/m2. h0.5 Adhesion to concrete per ΕΝ 1542 ≥ 1.40 N/mm2 Impact resistance per ΕΝ ISO 6272-1 60Nm (class ΙIΙ) Durable against water and moisture Application temperature From +5°C to +35°C Temperature resistance From -40°C to +80°C Relative humidity of application environment (23οC, 50% R.H.) Dilution rate Up to 5% with clean water Thermal Properties Measurement Report of the Department of Physics of the UOA (University of Athens): • Thermal conductivity: 0.2902 w/mK • Thermal diffusion: 0.2668mm2/S • Specific heat capacity: 1.091 MJ/m3K.

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