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DUROSTICK Founded back in 1988, DUROSTICK is a Greek company, specialized in the production of quality materials - "solutions" for the construction, repair, maintenance, renovation and decoration of the house, the office, any business space. One might wonder how DUROSTICK is related to cleaners and detergents. The craftsmen were seeking for products to (a) remove/clean the construction residues (b) protect the treated surfaces through time. This need led us develop a series of products for the cleaning and protection of surfaces in new constructions but in renovated spaces as well. Today, the range of the professional cleaning agents of DUROSTICK has grown, so has their recognition among the users. For professional cleaning results EVERYWHERE, trust DUROSTICK!.. as thousands of people have done through the years! Discover our suggestions for a neat and fresh house, car, hotel, restaurant!

4 living room

Clean up with DUROSTICK! 1 5 Biodegradable cleaners that remove stains from soot, nicotine and other pollutants. Products of superior cleaning action, free of ammonia, that do not affect, even the most sensitive surfaces. 2Clean polished or unpolished marble, to maintain them and reveal their beauty. 4No more stains! Waterproof your upholstery fabrics or curtains with just a spray. You can even try it on your sneakers! Follow the instructions of use and witness the power of Nanotechnology. Biodegradable cleaner for air condition units. It removes accumulated dust and cigarette smoke from filters and coils, leaving a pleasant and fresh sense. DUROCLEAN is a special cleaner, used for the fireplace. It removes the chimney soot and all smoke residues. 3 can even try it on your sneak Nanotechnology waterproofing for ceramic, stone and marble surfaces. They protect the surfaces against staining, water penetration and deterioration through the years. They don't create a surface film, they don't turn in 'yellow' and they don't affect the natural shades of the surfaces. Prod

6 kitchen

7 5Soft cream D-61 for silver, copper, stainless-steel utensils and objects. Use a soft cloth to clean and take care of them and make them look like brand new. Clean up with DUROSTICK! 2 3 Biodegradable dish-washing soap. Gentle on hands. It easily removes stains from the dishes and cutlery. 4 Rich in benzalkonium chloride,it fights unpleasant odors, while it removes even the most "stubborn" stains. Ideal for an everyday use in all areas. Recommended for the waste bins. Multi-purpose cleaner. Ideal for surfaces with grease or burnt fats, such as kitchen hobs (ceramic or traditional) hood filters, sinks. Cleans just by spaying, while it does not affect the surfaces. it removes even the most "stub Biodegradable cleaner, safe for domestic use. Suitable for cleaning all surfaces, stainless-steel utensils and other appliances from salts, stains, grease and dirt. Try cleaning the oven as well. Ideal for walls and floors, while it does not affect the sensitive surfaces 1

8 bathroom

9 High indoor humidity encourages the growth of mold and fungus. Fresh air, natural light and D-95 MOLD CLEANER is the solution! Protect the cleaned walls and ceiling with BATHROOM & KITCHEN, an interior emulsion paint, which will prevent the mold reappearing. 3 4Have your white or light-colored joints gotten gray or dirty? Use the GROUT SCRAPER to clean the dirt and make the joints look brand new! 1 2 DRAIN CLEANER dissolves within minutes soap residues, hair and organic fats from the sewer pipes, keeping them clean. Try out the multi-purpose cleaning agents of DUROSTICK, suitable for the sanitary ware and all bathroom surfaces and accessories. DRAIN CLEANER dis D-14, an "instant action" powerful drain cleaner for pipes, traps and floor drains. Dissolves accumulated fats and scum, hair, paper. Professional use - follow the instructions on the packaging. For hard-water stains, limescale, rust, soap scum, put on your gloves and spray the surfaces with SALT FREE. Let it act for a few minutes, then rinse with water. It is easy, fast, requires no scrubbing and does not damage the surfaces.

10 bedroom

11 Clean up with DUROSTICK! Self-polishing liquid wax for wooden floors. Protects any wooden or parquet floor, by creating a transparent, anti-static, anti-slip film. Does not alter the color of the wood. 2Use biodegradable BIOCLEAN on glass,mirrors, furniture, doors and windows for shiny, streak-free surfaces. 4"Magical beads" which absorb excess moisture. They offer a healthier indoor environment and eliminate unpleasant odors. Place it in the closet, to protect the clothes from mold. 3 1floors. Protects any wooden or par Carpets,rugs, furniture fabrics are easily cleaned with DUROFOAM. Vigorously shake the can, spray from a distance of 25-30cm, let it act for a while and clean using a damp sponge.

12 kids room

13 Our house should be a safe place for the kids, with spaces free of ammonia, phosphates or petroleum derivatives. 1 2From infancy to adolescence, kids room works as a "hug" for them to grow in love. Wall colors will change through the years. Choose DUROSTICK SUPER ECO, an ecological certified product of premium quality. Hundreds of shades and excellent durability in frequent cleaning. ID: 96TE068154 ID: 96.4.005 institute ΕU Ecolabel: EL/044/023 The certified biodegradable cleaning products of DUROSTICK do not contain ammonia, phosphates or petroleum products, as per the European directive EC 648/2004, which governs the biodegradability of detergents. Remember to keep all detergents out of reach of children. Clean up with DUROSTICK!

14 terrace balcony 1

15 3 4 Clean up with DUROSTICK! 1 2 Clean and secure marble or granite surfaces against daily use. Waterproof and protect them from stains and dirt. Clean deeply the stone surfaces and the joints around them, using the active cleaner D-7. Waterproof and protect them for long, using RENOLIT. No dirt can resist to ACID TILE CLEANER! Follow the instructions of use and enjoy your floor "like new". Clean - just by spraying - all parts of the barbecue (grates, firebricks, any natural stones around it) and enjoy grilling with your friends. Suitable for the fireplace as well. 5 Use ALUMINIUM CLEANER to remove exhaust gases, salt or mud rain stains from aluminium door or window frames. Just spray on them, scrub lightly with a soft, cotton cloth or sponge, let the product act for 1-2 minutes, then rinse with water. You will be surprised by the result!

16 4 marine 1 3 Active, acid, low foam cleaning liquid. Ideal to remove rust from the gel coat or the stains from the waterline and the reefs of the boat. 2Protect your boat with MARINE METAL CLEANER & POLISH. This powerful cleaning cream removes surface rust, oxidation, corrosion, while it protects stainless steel, copper or brass, nickel-plated and non-anodized aluminum surfaces from salted-water, adverse weather conditions and time. Silicone-based lubricant, ideal for mechanical or electrical parts. Protects inflatable boats from salt, waterproofs tents and canvas sails and prevents as well oxidation. Strong, alkaline cleaning liquid. Ideal for the removal of smoke, grease or oil stains and birds droppings. 1 3

17 Clean your metal, aluminum or magnesium rims without effort or rubbing. Spray, let the product act for a few minutes, then rinse with water. 3 Tar stains or tree resins? There is a solution: TAR AND TREE RESIN REMOVING SPRAY. Spray the area/spot to be cleaned, wipe-clean using a damp sponge and - within a few seconds - rinse thoroughly with water. Restore the shine of headlights with the cleansing cream of DUROSTICK. Apply the cream on a soft cloth and with circular repetitive motions, wipe it to the surface of the headlight until you see the first visible results. 4 1 2 Bugs or stuck insects on your favorite car? Get rid of them easily: spray, wipe-clean and rinse with water. D-63 is a biodegradable product, that does not affect the color or the metallic or rubber parts of your vehicle. Also recommended for the balcony railings. "Cosmetic" cleaner in spray form for plastic, vinyl, leather or leatherette surfaces. It penetrates the pores of the surfaces and removes deep dirt. Without solvents, DUROFLASH is enriched with lanolin wax and has an anti-static effect on the surfaces. You might as well try it on leather shoes, jackets or bags! car

18 Clean it professionally Hundreds of hotels in Greece and worldwide, have trusted us for their projects. They have used a wide range of products, either for their construction, repair, maintenance, renovation or decoration needs. The high-quality, certified products of DUROSTICK meet the needs of even the most high-demanding constructions and deliver excellent, long-lasting results. In hotels, the cleaning requirements are constant. The cleaning products should be powerful and instantly effective, in order to solve different problems. Hotel owners, caretakers and cleaning crews trust the easyto-use, multi-purpose cleaners of DUROSTICK and use them where "common" cleaners won't act. OTELS H You may contact us and ask for further information. Our team will schedule an appointment to show you the features and quality of our products. We could even visit you on site, so as to suggest products for your needs. Our national point-of-sales network ensures that you will find the products you choose, no matter where in the country your business is. Feel free to use the tailor-made support we suggest!

19 with DUROSTICK! Large or small, modern or traditional cafés, "corners" with take-away coffee consist the favorite contact point of consumers who love the affordable 'luxury' of a daily coffee. At DUROSTICK we have integrated solutions for short-time renovations with guaranteed, certified products of high specifications. For the cleaning, a complete range of multi-cleaning products is available. AFE R C ESTAURANT The kitchen area, all reception areas but the toilets as well, should be in a perfect condition and look perfectly structured and clean, in order to be functional and "win the impressions". At DUROSTICK we produce products, that provide solutions even to the high-demanding users. Our Technical Team support your projects along the way, by providing our expertise. DUROSTICK's powerful cleaners will facilitate your "everyday" life. A presentation at your place will convince you. Call us!

20 Hygienic cleanliness Rich in Benzalkonium Chloride, DUROFRESH, with a strong cleaning action, provides freshness and hygienic cleanliness in the areas, where it is applied. Necessary in industries, businesses, hotels, restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers, gyms and other professional facilities, providing freshness and hygienic cleanliness in public or non-public areas, wherever it is applied. Suitable for all hard surfaces except for the varnished wooden ones.Particularly suitable for cleaning and removing unpleasant odors in toilets and waste bins (mainly during the summer period). Powerful multi-purpose cleaner!

21 commercial spaces! Innovative liquid for cleaning the coils and filters of air-condition units. Without ammonia, phosphates and petroleum products, as per the European directive EC 648/2004, governing detergents in terms of their biodegradability. Necessary for the cleaning, protection and high hygiene of spaces that are burdened daily by the air recycling of the air condition. BIOCLEAN AIR CONDITION removes accumulated dust, cigarette smoke and other pollutants from the filters, resulting to an increased performance of the unit. Removes unpleasant odors, leaving a scent of freshness. BIOCLEAN AIR CONDITION removes accu Powerful cleaner ACTION!


23 Cleanliness is essential in all areas that we use and not only there. Our house, car, office, need our daily care. When we are in a clean place, certainly it offers us calmness and relaxation. Undeniably, cleanliness also has an important role in our psychology! A clean environment allows the mind to express itself and create. It offers better quality in our everyday life. Apart from the above, a clean environment prevents the ageing of the furniture. For a safe, frequent cleaning, DUROSTICK has the solution: BIOCLEAN series, which is certified by the FRESENIUS Institute & the BREGAU Institute for applied Environmental Technology. All DUROSTICK BIOCLEAN cleaners:  Are fully biodegradable products  Effectively remove difficult contaminants from the surface  Are without ammonia, phosphates and petroleum derivatives  Do not wear or damage the surfaces where are applied  Remove unpleasant odors, leaving a sence of freshness, in a "healthy" atmosphere ID: 96.4.005 institute ID: 96TE068154 Clean effectively and live ecologically!

24 Name your needs... General purpose biodegradable cleaner suitable for domestic and professional use. PACKAGING: 750ml, 5lt & 20lt Biodegradable multipurpose cleaner for polished or honed marbles. Cleans stains created on grouts over time, without affecting their natural shades. PACKAGING: 750ml, 5lt & 20lt Biodegradable multipurpose cleaner ideal for windows, mirrors and furniture. Cleans effectively without affecting sensitive surfaces. PACKAGING: 750ml & 5lt Biodegradable dish-washing liquid, cleaning dishes and utensils. Even a small portion creates a generous amount of foam which removes oils and food scraps easily. PACKAGING: 500ml & 5lt Biodegradable multipurpose cleaner, that removes fats and accumulated waste from your bathroom and kitchen. PACKAGING: 750ml, 5lt & 20lt Biodegradable cream in gel form with glycerin. Ideal for hand cleaning from smudges, grease, oils, ink, paints and tar. It is gentle on your hands. PACKAGING: 500ml & 5lt canister with pump Biodegradable multipurpose cleaner ideal for removing all stains from soot, nicotine and exhaust fumes. Prevents the frequent repainting of walls. PACKAGING: 1lt & 5lt Biodegradable cleaner, which removes oil, grease, petroleum from walls, floors, machines and other objects. PACKAGING: 750ml, 5lt & 20lt DISHWASHING LIQUID BIOCLEAN FOR POLISHED HAND CLEANING CREAM BIOCLEAN FOR BATHROOMS & KITCHENS BIOCLEAN GENERAL PURPOSE BIOCLEAN FOR GLASS & FURNITURE BIOCLEAN FOR NICOTINE & SOOT MARBLES removes fats and accumu You may find the products' properties, applications, way of use and technical features at Products without phosphates and petroleum, based on the European directive EC 648/2004 which governs the composition of detergents with respect to their biodegradability. • Friendly on your hands • Safe for daily use • They do not affect sensitive surfaces. Certified products by the German Institutes FRESENIUS & BREGAU (for applied environmental technology). BIOCLEAN INDUSTRIAL

25 get solutions! Innovative cleaning agent for the coils and filters of the Air Condition units. Removes accumulated dirt, which "leaves" the unit through the drain pipe. It improves the air quality. PACKAGING: 500ml, 5lt & 20lt A powerful cleaner that cleans in depth accumulated dirt, and salts. It removes construction residues from natural stones,rust and uncured paint stains. PACKAGING:1lt, 5lt & 20lt Powerful cleaner for honed marbles and mosaics. The effective solution for deep cleaning and revitalization. In colored marbles, spot try the product before use. PACKAGING:1lt, 5lt & 20lt Cleaner for woodwork and garden furniture. Removes difficult, accumulated stains and restores woods to their natural color without destroying them. PACKAGING: 500ml & 1,2lt Clean construction residues or revive old tile floors with the acid tile cleaner by DUROSTICK. PACKAGING:1lt, 5lt & 20lt A water soluble selfpolishing wax parquet ideal for wooden floors. Creates a transparent protective film that is anti-static, anti-slip and has a pleasant fragrance. PACKAGING:1lt & 3lt Self polished liquid based on wax, suitable for old or new marbles, honed granites and cotto, but also for old mosaic. It also shines, protects, without slipping. PACKAGING:1lt & 5lt Powerful rust remover that works on any metal surface. No tools, no scrubbing, no hassle. Apply the material as is, in a thick coat using a brush or use it as dip and allow for it to act for about 10 minutes. Use gloves and glasses for your protection. PACKAGING: 500ml,1lt & 5lt WOOD CLEANER RUST REMOVER D-21 NON POLISHED MARBLE CLEANER D-7 NATURAL STONE D-28 FLOOR SELF CLEANER POLISH BIOCLEAN CLEANER FOR AIR CONDITION ACID TILE CLEANER D-25 SELF POLISHED MARBLE FLOOR tion for deep cleaning 1lt, 5lt & 20lt 500ml & 1,2lt 1lt, 5lt & 20lt RENOLIT AGENT PACKAGING:1lt, 4lt & 15lt STONE WATERPOOFING PACKAGING: It is mandatory to follow the instructions mentioned on the packaging of the products.

26 Cleaning agent for the sewer system, with immediate action. It quickly unclogs pipes, bathroom sinks and bathtubs. Attention: Strong chemical products that require your attention in the instructions. PACKAGING DRAIN CLEANER: 750gr & 1500gr PACKAGING D-14: 900gr & 1800gr Powerful cleaner for cleaning and removing unpleasant odors from trash cans (residential and public). It quickly and effectively removes even the most stubborn pollutants and gives a scent of freshness to the areas where it is applied. PACKAGING: 750 ml, 5lt & 20lt Powerful graffiti remover for walls, glass, marble, ceramics and metal surfaces. A trial application is recommended on painted surfaces with a color of "unknown" quality. PACKAGING: 500ml & 5lt Powerful active cleaner. It removes stubborn stains of soot, coal, dry or burnt fat and melted wax, just by spraying, without the need of scrubbing. Apply it in the fireplace or barbecue. PACKAGING: 750ml & 5lt Very powerful cleaners for cesspools and sewers. It effectively breaks down the fats and scum, opening the pores of the walls. Attention: D-15 is a strong chemical product that requires your attention in the instructions. PACKAGING: 5kg Light up the fireplace or the wood burning stove. Once one hour has passed, the chimney or duct will have become hot. Place DUROCLEAN in the fire, packed as it is. The flame will turn blue. This means that DUROCLEAN has been activated. PACKAGING: Paper packing 90gr It removes mold and mildew, black spots, algae, moss, lichens and other microorganisms that affect hygiene. Get rid of the mold and stench of the areas with moisture concentration. Your spaces will remain clean, using D-95 CLEANER, a good ventilation and natural light. PACKAGING: 500ml & 5lt Excellent spray cleaner without scrubbing. Removes rapidly any soot attached on glass surfaces. Suitable for cleaning the protective glass of fireplaces and energy efficient fire places, wood burning stove glass as well as the glass of stoves in general. PACKAGING: 500ml DRAIN CLEANER & D-14 DUROSTICK FAST CLEAN DUROSTICK D-15 D-95 MOLD/MILDEW CLEANER GLASS CLEANER D-19 GRAFFITI REMOVER DUROFRESH DUROSTICK DUROCLEAN 900gr & 1800gr ing, without the need ing the Name your needs... You may find the products' properties, applications, way of use and technical features at

27 It easily removes pollutants from exhaust gases, dirt, mud rain, salts. Ideal for use on aluminum frames. Spray the aluminum parts and scrub lightly with a soft, cotton cloth. Rinse with clean water and dry the clean surfaces with a cotton cloth. PACKAGING: 500ml Where other cleaners will not act, QUICK CLEANER is the solution. It easily removes tough stains and dirt, dried or burnt fat from ceramic cooktops, hood filters and ovens (after preheating to 50°C) without any scrubbing PACKAGING:750ml, 5lt, 10lt & 20lt Adhesive residue remover with active ingredients. It removes glue residues, generated from any kind of adhesive tape. Easily removes fresh or old glue residues with one spray. PACKAGING:180ml Water and oil repelling agent for marble & granite. Its application ‘prevents’ staining from oil, wine and soft drinks, ink, rust, as well as pet stains, air pollutants. Does not yellow nor slip. PACKAGING: 1lt & 2,5lt The 'magic' cleaning cream for stainless steel & precious metal surfaces and items, brass and bronze ornaments. It restores the long lost luster of any stainless steel surface very quickly, without scratching PACKAGING: 250ml Clear impregnation liquid, suitable for the protection and waterproofing of tile grouts. You can restore their appearance and revive their original shade, by scraping lightly the surface of the grout joints using the GROUT SCRAPER and then apply HYDROSTOP D-16. PACKAGING: 500ml & 1lt It restores the lost of stainless steel and chrome fixtures, accessories and constructs without any scrubbing. It easily removes salt stains and soap scum, rust and limescale from kitchen and bathroom. PACKAGING: 750ml & 5lt Waterproof your tiles & granites with D-29 spot free. Necessary for non-absorbent and/or non-glazed tiles. Protect them from stains and wear and enjoy non-slip surfaces, even when wet. PACKAGING: 1lt & 4lt ALUMINIUM CLEANER DUROSTICK D-22 DUROSTICK D-61 DUROSTICK SALT FREE D-29 SPOT FREE DUROSTICK DS-210 DUROSTICK QUICK CLEANER HYDROSTOP D-16 GROUT SCRAPER FOR TILES ly, without scratching 500ml get solutions! It is mandatory to follow the instructions mentioned on the packaging of the products.

28 Waterborne nanomolar technology product, suitable for waterproofing surfaces from plaster, drywall, clay as well as ceramic materials and objects. PACKAGING: 750ml, 3,5lt & 18lt Strong cleaner for boats with active ingredients. Removes persistent stains of oils and grease, grime and soot. Follow the instructions of use. Protect yourself and the environment. PACKAGING: 750ml, 5lt & 10lt Oil and water repelling impregnation agent of nanotechnology for textiles. It prevents the creation of stains to most synthetic and closely woven cotton fabrics, sneakers, bags, even clothes. PACKAGING: 500ml, 3,5lt & 18lt Acid cleaning agent for polyester boats. Suitable for removing any surface rust from the gel coat around various metal components and parts. It quickly removes yellow, brown and black stains from the waterline and the hulls of boats. PACKAGING: 1lt & 5lt Οil repelling agent, suitable for the protection of marble, granite and other materials with high penetrating properties. Waterborne nanomolar technology product. Provides long-lasting protection and facilitates regular cleaning from mud rain and air pollutants. PACKAGING: 750ml, 3,5lt & 18lt Biodegradable cleaner for GEL COAT and inflatable boats. It effectively dissolves and cleans oils and grease as well as fuel oil and gasoline. It removes easily and effortlessly salt stains and light rust on stainless steel, it even removes seagull waste. PACKAGING: 750ml, 5lt & 10lt Water repelling agent, without solvents, ideal for the protection of wood surfaces, indoors and outdoors. Waterproofs the wooden constructions and protects them from staining and humidity. PACKAGING: 750 ml & 2,5lt The stainless steel, brass and nickel plated metals on your boat, must always be clean and polished. This 'miracle' cream of DUROSTICK and a soft cloth, can restore the original gloss of the surfaces. PACKAGING: 150gr NANO PROOF CERAMIC DS-270 GEL COAT CLEANER NANO PROOF MARMO DS-275 MARINE METAL CLEANER NANO PROOF FABRIC DS-300 DUROSTICK YACHT CLEANER BIOCLEAN BOAT CLEANER & POLISH NANO PROOF WOOD DS-350 DUROSTICK YACHT CLEANER gy product, suitable NANO PROOF CERAMIC DS-270 NANO PROOF MARMO DS-275 as well as fuel oil and gas BIOCLEAN BOAT CLEANER NANO PROOF FABRIC DS-300 NANO PROOF WOOD DS-350 - gy product. Provides NANO PROOF MARMO DS-275 NANO PROOF FABRIC DS-300 Acid cleaning agent for pol from the gel coat around var parts. It quickly removes yel - ly salt stains and Name your need... You may find the products' properties, applications, way of use and technical features at

29 Biodegradable cleaner that removes insects stuck to the windshield, the car glasses, the lights, the mask and the fenders of automobiles. Use it also to clean metal and wood railings PACKAGING: 500ml The windshield of your car must be permanently clean without traces and spots. Add AUTO WIPE into the windshield fluid container and enjoy a purely clean windshield. PACKAGING: 250ml Rims are the jewel of the car. Metal rims, aluminum or magnesium rims, they require special care and treatment. Keep everything clean, easily, just by spraying, without rubbing. PACKAGING: 750ml Powerful cleaning cream for the hand-polishing of cloudy headlights. Without rubbing,restores the headlights of automobiles easily. PACKAGING: 200ml Shampoo with wax for the care and treatment of your car. Its concentrated formula combines powerful cleaning and protection, while restoring your automobile's lost sheen. The generous foam dissolves easily any difficult dirt. PACKAGING: 750ml & 20lt Multipurpose cleaning foam with a pleasant scent. It is suitable for car upholstery fabrics. Its excellent cleaning performance yields best results on sofa fabrics, floor mats and carpets. PACKAGING: 400ml High quality antifreeze fluid with exceptional antifreeze ability for temperatures down to -18°C and equally exceptional heat resistance for temperatures up to +105°C. Suitable for all cooling-heating closed systems providing superb corrosion protection to all metals. It also protects solar water heaters. PACKAGING:1lt & 4lt A silicone based water emulsion, enriched with lanolin wax. It yields a satin finish and it is solvent free. It penetrates leather, rubber and vinyl pores, removing accumulated dirt. It also slows down the ageing of the treated surfaces. PACKAGING: 300ml BIOCLEAN D-63 AUTOFLOW RIM CLEANER DUROFOAM CLEANER AUTO WIPE WAX AUTO SHAMPOO DUROFLASH RESTORATION CREAM FOR AUTOMOBILES 750ml & 20lt rics, floor get solutions! It is mandatory to follow the instructions mentioned on the packaging of the products.

30 Multipurpose silicone based lubricant. Odorless, protects mechanisms and components from humidity, oxidation, dryness and wear. Antistatic and anti corrosive, without leaving stains on surfaces. PACKAGING: 400ml Certified ecological emulsion paint, for interior use on walls and ceilings. Odorless, resistant to frequent cleaning using mild household cleaners, available in any shade you like. Suitable for painting children rooms, kindergartens, places where high hygienic standards are required. PACKAGING: 750ml, 3lt & 10lt Highly durable acrylic paint with long lasting protective action. It does not promote nor support mold creation or fungi growth. Distinguished for its remarkable stain coverage and high performance. PACKAGING: 750ml, 3lt & 10lt Cleaning product that removes tar and stuck insect stains quickly and easily with a single spray. Friendly on plastic and rubber parts without discoloring or dulling the surfaces applied on PACKAGING:180ml Anticorrosive and lubricant spray, suitable for instant removal of stuck parts due to corrosion and rust. PACKAGING: 200ml & 400ml Moisture collector is an easyto-use device that absorbs moisture. Its placement removes all unpleasant odors and does not favor mold, while it freshens up the air. PACKAGING: Device with crystals 600gr. Replacement bags with crystals, of 600gr SILICONE SPRAY RUST FREE SUPER ECO BATHROOM & KITCHEN WATERTRAP TAR & TREE RESIN REMOVING SPRAY interior use on walls and ceilings. Odor Suitable for painting chil coverage and high perfor Discover the 'magic' of colors DUROSTICK. ASK THEM BY THEIR NAMES It is mandatory to follow the instructions mentioned on the packaging of the products. Application ΝΕΑ ΕΚ∆ΟΣΗ Name your need... get solutions!

31 Who doesn’t like DIY projects? with DUROSTICK, everything... EASIER!

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