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Waterproof Epoxy Primer Aqua

Two component water based and clear epoxy primer

Two component epoxy based primer with excellent adhesion to non-absorbent substrates, such as bituminous asphaltic membranes, ceramic tiles, existing acrylic or polyurethane coatings, aluminum, etc. It can be safely applied even on fresh concrete surfaces. It is highly recommended to use on non absorbent roof surfaces prior to the application of water or solvent based polyurethane, hybrid or acrylic waterproofing membranes and the polyurea waterproofing system DUROSTICK WATERPROOF 500. Suitable for applications subjected to rising damp and/or negative pressure (floors, swimming pools, storage tanks, building foundations etc.). It can be used as a very strong substrate stabilizer when diluted with water at a ratio of up to 25% by weight.Classified SR-B2,0 per EN 13813.



125gr-150gr/m2 per coat, depending on the absorbency of the surface and the dilution of the product


4kg container (A+B) (3kg + 1kg)