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Technoproof Thermo

Thermal protection and waterproofing product for roofs

Top-quality elastomeric thermal protection and roof waterproofing product (2 in 1), of advanced new technology that is solvent-free. Based on modified polyurethane and acrylic resins, its application creates a uniform protective membrane without seams or joints with exceptionally powerful bonding ability and flexibility, resistant to permanent moisture, standing water, and frost. In addition, due to the glass microspheres contained in its formula and its excellent resistance to UV radiation, its whiteness, and reflectivity, it also provides excellent thermal insulating properties to the surfaces where it is applied.TECHNOPROOF THERMO thermally protects and at the same time wa­terproofs, new concrete surfaces without any waterproofing, as well as surfaces al­ready waterproofed with acrylic, hybrid, cementitious products, or even asphalt roll roofing materials. It can also be applied to already thermally insulated surfaces to maintain their proper­ties. It can be applied to metal roofs of homes, factories and storage facilities, and other roofing materials (worn-out roof panels of any type, as well as on trailer/mobile homes, RV/motor homes, etc.). Suitable for application on containers for storage and transport of products that may be sensitive to high and/or low temperatures. In combination with the thermo ceramic energy efficient paint THERMOELASTIC COL­OUR, it reduces the energy consumption for heating or cooling, and the temperature during the summer months, by forming a strong, energy efficient protective coat. Certified by the University of Athens (Department of Physics, Division of Applied Phys­ics, Building Environment Studies Group), as ‘Cool’ material of low thermal conductiv­ity and high reflectivity. Classified as product for surface protection of concrete surfaces per EN 1504-2.



• Minimum consumption 1.0kg/m² for two coats, depending on the substrate and the application method.
• 1.5kg/m² for three coats, depending on the substrate and the application method (long-term protection – exceeding 15 years).


4kg, 12kg, 20kg containers