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Rust Free Powder

Cementitious rust inhibitor for rebar protection

Brushable cementitious corrosion inhibitor for concrete reinforcing steel (rebars). Its powerful corrosion-resistant formula protect concrete steel reinforcement from rust, caused by the penetration of moisture or water (*). It also works as a substrate coating (bonding bridge) between existing and new concrete or mortar, due to its exceptional bonding ability. Classified as steel reinforcement corrosion protection product per EN 1504-7.

(*) When the steel reinforcement (rebar) is corroded, remove all the rust with RUST REMOVER of DUROSTICK or a wire brush, before applying the product.


  • As corrosion protection for reinforcing steel: 70-120gr/m of reinforcing steel
  • As bonding agent coating: 2kg/m²

1kg, 5kg


Brick red