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Duroflex Powder

Two component cementitious flexible sealant and adhesive

Two-component flexible waterproofing sealant and adhesive. Once cured, it forms a flexible protective membrane with minimal shrinkage resistant to mechanical stress, shock and abrasion. It is particularly resistant to alkaline environments and adverse weather conditions. It strongly adheres on joints and finishing runs, it prevents penetration of moisture or water in joints between similar or dissimilar materials, such as plaster with concrete, metal, tiles, stone, wood, etc. Ideal for sealing mortar coving on roofs and crack repairs around slates and floor slabs. Suitable for sealing various holes after the installation of boilers, air conditioners, solar power water heaters (gray color), etc. Also suitable for sealing, waterproofing and adhering cracked clay roof tiles and ridge tiles, roof ornaments as well as their bonding mortar (brick red color). Classified as a product for surface protection of concrete surfaces (c) per EN 1504-2.



1.0kg/m²/mm thick coat.


2.5kg (1.75kg A + 0.7lt B).