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D-17 Hydrostop

Silicone-based impregnating waterproofing agent for decorative bricks

Water repelling and impregnating siloxane-based agent with solvents. It presents high impregnating ability (micro technology) and great resistance to alkaline environments. Effectively protects artificial decorative cement or ceramic bricks, small and large size clay bricks and cement slates. It maintains the breathability of all treated surfaces and prevents water and atmospheric pollution penetrations. It does not favour the creation of mold and lichens on its surface. It also ensures the water repellency, the stability and the color of the joints of the lining elements. Its high quality ensures an enduring 10 years of protection when applying two coats with the ‘wet on wet’ application method.



200-400 ml/m², depending on the absorbency of the surface


1lt, 4lt