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Anti Shock Pads

Antivibration, soundproofing pads for washing machines, dryers and motors

Soundproofing - antivibration pads, available in a round shape disc of 5.5cm diameter and 1cm thick. The product is a high strength pad that maintains its elasticity, is not affected by humidity and is a bad conductor of heat and electricity. The special pads absorb vibrations and shocks, reducing the noise that various devices make during their operation (washers, dryers etc.), and keep those devices in place. Suitable for interior and exterior spaces, use them also for motor mounts, compressors or other air conditioning (exterior air condition units) and heater mounts before installing them. It can be used as rubber pads under heavy, or else, furniture, protecting from scrapes and scratches carpets, wood floors, as well as floors lined with cementitious microcemento or microcemento in paste form.
Note: Upon request, availability to order any size and shape pad(s) required, at pre-arranged cost.



Sets of 4 pieces each one