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Waterproof 400

Flexible, two component aliphatic polyurea clear varnish

High performance and clear, two component aliphatic, fast cure varnish, with resistance to UV radiation. It presents strong adhesion to any type of sound building surface while yield­ing a harmonious balance of flexibility, together with mechanical and chemical strength. Ideal for waterproofing and protecting interior and exterior, professional and residential spaces. Spaces such as production facilities, garage floors, warehouses, bars, fair and expo spaces, stadiums, rooftops, etc. and wherever immediate project turnover and space completion is necessary. Apply it directly on ceramic tiles, glass blocks, and mi­crocement in paste form as well as natural stones. For cementitious microcement and in order to protect and preserve the final color, first prime the surface with AQUAFIX and once dry continue with the application of the varnish WATERPROOF 400. Apply it to protect the decorative quartz floors QUARTZ DECO of DUROSTICK from being slippery and from solar radiation. Also, protects all pool epoxy coatings, especially exterior ones. Classified as product for surface protection of concrete surfaces per EN 1504-2.


Consumption 250-350gr/m² per coat, depending on the absorbency of the surface
Packaging 750gr (A 375gr, B 375gr) 5kg  (A 2.5kg, B 2.5kg)