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Grout Scraper

Extremely durable grout scraper with an ergonomic soft-grip handle. The product is suitable and necessary for easy grout removal. It features two hard blades, with the ability to remove one for narrower (smaller) joints. RENEWS stained and discolored grouts (usual floor grout occurrence): If the original color is lost, lightly scrape the grout surface. Use a wet sponge and clean the residue. Allow for the cleaned surface to dry. Once dry, apply D-16 HYDROSTOP, the waterproofing agent for grout joints.
RESTORES GROUT: If the grout is badly worn-out, cracked or crumbling, then remove the existing cementitious grout to a depth from 2mm to 3mm, or 3-5mm when they are destroyed, before regrouting. Redefine, if need be, the final color of the grout. Select one of the three cementitious VITREOUS GROUTS (0-3mm, 1-10mm, 5-20mm) of DUROSTICK, the FLEXIBLE & OIL REPELLENT GROUT 1-8mm, or the epoxy grout DUROPOXY that can be cleaned easily and quickly only with water.