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Grout Scraper

Extremely durable grout scraper with an ergonomic soft-grip handle. It features two hard blades, with the ability to remove one for narrower (smaller) joints. RENEWS stained and discolored grouts (usual floor grout occurrence): If the original color is lost, lightly
scrape the grout surface. Use a wet sponge to clean the residue. Allow for the cleaned surface to dry. Once dry, apply D-16 HYDROSTOP, the waterproofing agent for grout joints. RESTORES GROUT: If the grout is badly worn-out, cracked or crumbling, then remove the existing cementitious grout to a depth of 2mm to 3mm, or 3-5mm when they are destroyed, before regrouting. Redefine, if need be, the final color of the grout. Select one of the three cementitious VITREOUS GROUTS (0-3mm, 1-10mm, 5-20mm) of DUROSTICK, the FLEXIBLE & OIL REPELLENT GROUT 1-8mm, or the epoxy grout DUROPOXY that can be cleaned easily and quickly only with water.