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Biodegradable cleaner for polished marble

Biodegradable cleaner, non-toxic, non-caustic, free of ammonia, phosphates and petroleum derivatives, per the Εuropean directive EC 648/2004. The specific directive governs the composition of detergents with respect to their biodegradability. Friendly to human and the environment, It does not irritate hands and it does not cause any inhalation related problems. Its cleaning action does not affect any surfaces lined with tiles, polished or honed marble, even when used on a daily basis. Does not damage sensitive surfaces, such as listelo, granite, natural cotto, limestone, etc. With just one spray, it thoroughly cleans stains created over time within grouting, allowing grouts to recover their original color without deteriorating them, once they are thoroughly rinsed with water. Removes accumulated air pollutants from building facades lined with marble and decorative natural or artificial bricks. Indispensable for residences, public, professional and commercial facilities, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, puclic restrooms, etc.



1lt /12-14m² of surface


750ml, 5lt, 20lt