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Super Acrylic

Tile adhesive

White cementitious tile adhesive, fortified with acrylic resins. High-quality and bonding strength, has strong adhesion, zero vertical slip and extended open adhering time. After hardening, it is resistant to moisture, frost and the creation of fungi. Suitable for low and non-absorbent tiles, such as klinker, cotto, granite, glass mosaic and porcelain tiles installed on floor cement screeds and plastered walls. Recommended for installations on existing mosaic floors or floors that are subject to intense stress. Its high thixotropy allows tile installation on walls, even from top to bottom. Αpplied indoors and outdoors. The application of the adhesive in the case of medium and large format tiles, is done by the method of double coating (on the substrate, but also on the tile). Classified C2TE per EN 12004.