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For even grout joints

Special items to maintain equal width grout joints between tiles, suitable for any shape and size installations. Their special features include their smoothness and their resiliency, making them easy to clean. Available in various shapes: cross (+), tee (T), wye (Y) and wedge.



Find examples with the usual tile-spacer combinations, and their consumptions:

TILE                   SPACER    CONSUMPTION
15 x 20 cm           3 mm         48 pcs / m2
20 x 20 cm           2 mm         36 pcs / m2
30 x 30 cm           3 mm         19 pcs / m2
40 x 40 cm           5 mm         15 pcs / m2


500 pcs. CROSSES 2,3,4,5,7,9mm
250 pcs. CROSSES 10mm
1000 pcs. CROSSES 1mm
500 pcs. WEDGE
500 pcs. TEE (T) 2,3,4,5,7,9mm
500 pcs. WYE (Y) 3mm