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Highly deformable adhesive for all types of tile & granite

One component white cementitious adhesive product that is fortified with acrylic resins and specially selected, low water absorption aggregates. Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations over sound substrates: • Waterproofed surfaces with brushable cementitious or elastomeric waterproofers •Wall surfaces made of concrete, plaster or prefabricated concrete •Over floor surfaces with radiant heating systems • Roofs and balconies • Areas with constant presence of moisture, such as fountains, bathrooms, showers etc. • Mosaic or tile refurbishments in athletic and swimming pools, heavy traffic areas, etc.
ELASTIC ensures the installation of all types of ceramic tiles and stones with minimal absorption, such as: • Ceramic tiles of all shapes and sizes • Glass mosaic, klinker, glazed gres • Cotto, honed marble, artificial stones • Any type of granite tiles, absorbent or not • Cork and expanded polyurethane boards • Every type of marble, even green marble.
Classified C2TE S2 per EN 12004 and EN 12002.





5kg, 25kg