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Highly deformable adhesive for all types of tile & granite

One-component white cementitious adhesive product that is fortified with acrylic resins and specially selected, low water absorption aggregates. Presents high adhesive strength, zero vertical slip and extended open time. Its high thixotropy allows for applications of up to 20mm without 'sagging'. Protects any lining from any detachments resulting from light seismic vibrations and intense expansions and contractions. Suitable for the installation of all types and dimensions, of ceramic tiles and stones with minimal absorption on sound substrates, such waterproofed surfaces, plaster, concrete, radiant heating floor system, terraces, roofs, areas with a constant presence of moisture (fountains, pools, bathrooms, showers), heavy traffic areas, etc. Adheres cork and expanded polyurethane boards. Ideal for restorations of tiles, mosaic, marble etc. Applies on the exterior and interior surfaces. The application of the adhesive in the case of large tiles will be done by the method of double application (on the substrate, but also the tile). The application of the adhesive in the case of medium and large format tiles, is done by the method of double coating (on the substrate, but also on the tile). Classified C2TE S2 per EN 12004 and EN 12002.





5kg, 25kg