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Waterproof liquid tile adhesive

Ready to use, flexible white acrylic tile adhesive, in paste form. Presents high adhesive strength, zero slip, great durability against vibrations, expansions and contractions. Ideal for repairs and patches since it is fast and easy to use. Suitable for installing ceramic tiles, artificial decorative bricks, thermal insulation, and soundproofing boards on surfaces made of concrete, plaster, drywall, cement board, wood, and sound oil paint, as well as chip/particle board. Also suitable for installing tiles in damp areas such as bathrooms, WCs, and kitchens. Necessary for installing detached tiles that is not possible to remove the existing adhesive. Also necessary for tile installations on wood lofts and partitions, kitchen backsplashes, and countertops. Classified D2TE per EN 12004.



1-1.5kg/m², depending on the size of the notch of the trowel, the surface smoothness and the dimensions of the tiles.


1kg, 5kg, 30kg