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Ultrafix Thermo

Fiber-reinforced adhesive for insulation boards

Cementitious adhesive, suitable for the adhesion of thermal insulation boards. Polymer resins are contained within its fiber reinforced composition, providing great adhesion to substrates made of concrete, plaster, brick or cinderblock, as well as providing it with the crucial flexibility required in its various applications. Suitable for both bonding insulation boards on the building facades, and as base coat, in combination with the reinforced fiberglass mesh, DS-4160 of DUROSTICK. After complete cure, coat the surface with HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC, the waterproof flexible plaster, available in smooth or textured finish. Alternatively, use HYDROSTOP SILICONE PLASTER or HYDROSTOP ACRYLIC PLASTER, both waterproof plasters in paste form. Classified GP: CS IV/W2 per EN 998-1.



As adhesive: 2.5-4kg/m², depending on the notch size and the substrate
As mesh coating layer: 1.5kg/m²/mm to cover the fiberglass mesh