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Flexible & Oil Repellent Grout

Tile and Marble Grout for 1-8mm joints

The first flexible, one component joint filler for tiles. Antifrost, water repellent tile grout in powder form, with cutting edge, flexible water repelling resins and special fillers. Distinguished for its high mechanical strengths; it does not crack, even under the most adverse environmental conditions. It exhibits excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, strong detergents, as well as to certain solvents and chlorinated water. It has excellent workability and its adhesion to the sides of tiles is exceptional. It does not stain from watery and oily stains, such as stains from water, coffee, oils, wine etc. It does not promote bacterial growth, mold and fungi formations on its surface. Ideal for balconies, terraces, floor radiant heating systems, drywall, cement boards. Classified CG2/WAr per EN 13888.


Consumption 350-900 gr/m2 . The consumption of grouts depends on the width and the depth of the joint and the dimensions of the tiles.
Packaging 4kg.