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Two-component epoxy based grout and tile adhesive

Two-component, solvent-free tile adhesive and grout. Its formula is based on epoxy resins and selected quartz aggregates and is available in 38 colors. It is non-absorbent thus it does not favour bacteria growth on its surface. It has excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, strong detergents, to many organic solvents, and both chlorinated and sea (salt) water. Highly resilient to strict hygiene requirements. It also presents impermeability, stain resistance and unbreakable bonding and does not sag when used on vertical surfaces. Suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces, both indoors and outdoor. Necessary for use in food industries, dairy facilities, chemical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, swimming and athletic pools, etc. Ideal for restoring damaged and deteriorated grouting, even at small thicknesses(*). Clean it easily using a soft, damp sponge and plain water. Classified as adhesive R2 per EN 12004, classified as grout RG per EN 13888.



For bonding: approximately 1.75kg/m²/mm
For grouting: 0.2-3.0kg/m2,depending on the width and depth of the joint and the tile dimensions


1kg (Α: 950gr, Β: 50gr), 5kg (Α: 4.750gr, Β: 250gr)