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Power Thermo

Low expansion PU adhesive foam for insulation boards

One-component, solvent-free, polyurethane bonding foam with exceptional adhesive strength, designated for professional use. It cures by reacting with humidity in the atmosphere, it presents excellent adhesion, high thermal and acoustic insulation and absorbs vibrations. It does not add any extra weight to the construction, and it provides great ease of use, transport and storage. At the same time, the speed of its application saves time and money. Suitable for bonding EPS and XPS insulation boards to building facade surfaces. It has exceptional adhesion to brick, aircrete, concrete, plaster, cement board, wood and metal surfaces. Ideal for both new construction as well as facade renovations. It participates in external thermal insulation system for buildings as a bonding product for polystyrene boards.



An 830ml POWER THERMO container is sufficient for bonding insulation boards on an area of 10-13m². The product is also suitable to fill the gaps between the insulation boards, where necessary, to avoid the creation of thermal bridges.