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Rapid grip super powerful and flexible adhesive without solvents

Ultra powerful adhesive, based on MS-POLYMER technology. In many applications it substitutes screws and nails in numerous materials. It has exceptionally powerful adhesion on porous and non porous surfaces, even without the use of primer, on similar and dissimilar materials. It is ideal for unbreakable welds with excellent initial grip in construction, industry and shipbuilding. Indispensable tool for plumbers, electricians, refrigeration technicians and other specialists, but also for those involved in repairs and tough jobs at home. It secures mailboxes, shelves, hooks and bathroom accessories onto tiles, marble and various stones, avoiding cracks related to drilling for anchoring. Ideal for lavatory installations. It seals and waterproofs cracks and joints simultaneously. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Packaging 290ml

Depending on the application.