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Multipurpose polyurethane super glue

One component, solvent free, polyurethane super strong glue with exceptional bonding ability. It bonds similar and dissimilar materials, being moisture resistant, thus suitable for indoor and outdoor use. .Necessary in shipbuilding, steel, wood and cement construction. It is also suitable for all types of small outdoors repairs, in spaces exposed to adverse weather conditions. Perfectly bonds various types of broken clay pots and planters. Dramatically increases the anchoring power of plastic wall fasteners. Use it to bond the corners of aluminum frames, wood frames, adhering wood skirting to walls, installing decorative stones and ceramics, metal on plaster, concrete, etc.
Classified D4 per EN 204/205


Consumption Indicatively, one 290ml cartridge fills 12-13 linear meters.
Packaging 80ml blister, 290ml cartridge.