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Super Flex Powder

Flexible, fiber-reinforced cementitious sealant for cracks from 1-15mm

Advanced new technology, vinyl-based sealant in powder form, reinforced with glass microspheres. Thixotropic, presenting zero shrinkage and strong adhesion to any porous or non-porous surface. It is water repellent, it remains unaffected by frost or permanent moisture, even standing water. It seals joints or cracks on plaster and concrete without peeling or shrinking. It also seals tile grout, marble and glass block joints, as well as cracks and joints on clay roof tiles, decorative bricks, etc. Apply it using a putty knife or a small taping knife, and if necessary, apply it through the BLANK CARTRIDGE or the professional barrel gun, DUROSEAL 600 of DUROSTICK. It can be colored with the pigments in powder form, DUROCOLOR POWDER-C, when added at a rate of 3% by weight, creating 96 permanent colors or paint over it with emulsion and acrylic paints, 24 hours after its application. Classified PCC R2 as concrete repair product per EN 1504-3.



 Indicatively, 250gr fill 6 linear meters of a 5x5mm joint


250gr, 5kg