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MS-Polymer Marine

Flexible sealant for wood decks in shipbuilding

Flexible, black sealant and adhesive, with excellent resistance to seawater and UV radiation. The technology of MS hybrid polymer modified silane meets the needs of a wide range of seals and waterproofing applications. Provides high mechanical strength and strong adhesion, without being affected by sun exposure or salts. Resistant to temperature variations from -40°C up to +120°C. Apply on sound surfaces without priming. Due to its high thixotropy it does not sag. Sandable, it does not discolor over time. Suitable for wood decks of yachts and ships. Recommended for sealing wood floor joints in houses, in both interior and exterior applications, especially in swimming pools, saunas, fitness centers, etc.



Indicatively, one 300ml cartridge fills 8.6 linear meters of a 6x6mm joint.


300ml cartridge, 600ml ‘sausage’.