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Duroflex-PU Marine Adhesive

Polyurethane-based adhesive sealant

Polyurethane-based flexible adhesive with high mechanical strength, resistant to sea (salt) water, neutral, acid or alkaline cleaners and mineral oils. It is highly resistant to impact and resilient against temperature variations. It is long-lasting and cures efficiently in humid conditions.
Suitable for adhering TEAK or IROCO wood linings onto boat GEL COAT, without the use of a primer. It also creates an unbreakable but flexible bond between similar and dissimilar materials, in ship building, various construction applications and container construction, as well as in any metal seams and joints (car applications) and much more.
The use of MS-POLYMER MARINE (p. 34) is recommended for the sealing of wood deck joints after the application of DUROFLEX-PU MARINE ADHESIVE. 



Depending on the method and thickness of the application. Indicatively, for applications using a notched trowel, for thicknesses of 2mm, the consumption is approximately 600ml/m2 and for thicknesses of 4mm, the consumption is approximately 1200ml/m2 .


300ml cartridge, 600ml ‘sausage’