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Brushable waterproofing mortar for walls, floors, basements and roofs

Brushable cementitious waterproofing mortar with excellent adhesion. It fully waterproofs surfaces its applied on and allows for their breathability. Suitable for positive (preventive exterior application) and negative (interior application post backfill) hydrostatic pressure applications up to 7 atm, per DIN 1048. Ideal for the outdoor waterproofing of basements and walls, prior to backfilling or even post backfill applications, indoors. Apply it on floors to prevent rising damp, and apply it on slopped roofs, prior to clay roofing tile installations, to completely waterproof them. Exceptionally durable to extreme weather conditions. It presents long term waterproofing protection to surfaces made of concrete and cement screeds, bricks, cement blocks as well as aircrete, etc. Classified as product for surface protection of concrete surfaces (c) per EN 1504-2.


Consumption 1.0-1.3kg/m²/mm thick coat.
Packaging 5kg, 25kg.