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DUROXYL Wood Protection/Conditioner

Solvent based impregnating clear wood preservative

Special purpose solvent based wood preservative and conditioner for new and existing outdoor wood surfaces. It protects wood from fungi, blue stain, termites and wood boring insects. The product is suitable for a number of applications such as: wood windows and doors, various linings, eaves and canopies, fences, pergolas as well as balcony and terrace railings etc. It can be applied also as preventive or curing primer on all woodwork, to prepare and to accept any kind of color or clear varnish. In some cases, where color varnish application follows, it further ensures the homogeneous absorption of the varnish into the wood, resulting in color uniformity of the surface. Highly resilient against ageing, it does not peel, it does not bubble and it does not burst.



1lt/5-8m² per coat, depending on the type and absorbency of the wood.

Packaging 750ml, 2.5lt & 15lt containers.