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Ultra powerful adhesive for installing non-absorbent tiles on non-absorbent surfaces

Powerful one component flexible adhesive based on modified silane resins. The product cures when it comes in contact with the atmospheric humidity and the moisture from the substrate. In this way, it forms a flexible and a compact mass with strong adhesion to surfaces, even non-absorbent ones. Once it cures, it remains permanently flexible and is able to absorb shocks. Ideal for installing non-absorbent ceramic tiles on surfaces that are also non-absorbent. Also suitable for installations over radiant heating floor systems. It is also recommended for installing all types of parquet floors, as well as small and large wood boards. 


Consumption 1,4-1,6kg/m2, depending on the coarseness of the surface
Packaging 12kg container (two aluminum bags of 6kg each one)