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Bioclean Boat Cleaner

Biodegradable cleaner for GEL COAT and inflatable boats
Mild biodegradable cleaner, free of allergens, ammonia, phosphates and petroleum derivatives. Human and environment friendly, per the european directive EC 648/2004. The specific directive governs the composition of detergents with respect to their biodegradability. It does not irritate hands and it does not cause any inhalation related problems during and after use. Ideal for general or spot cleaning of plastic and inflatable boats, as well as wood and metal boats. Effectively dissolves oils and grease as well as fuel oil and gasoline, salt stains and light rust on stainless steel, it even removes seagull waste. Removes all kinds of dirt and motor residue from gel coat surfaces and inflatable boats as well as boat fabrics and upholstery, boat bumpers, carpets, and lounge covers. Ideal for decks made of TEAK wood. All residues biodegrade completely (certified by two German Institutes), without polluting the sea.


Consumption 1lt/12-14m² of surface.
Packaging 500ml, 5lt, 10lt.