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Quick Cleaner

Suitable for residential and commercial use

Powerful cleaning agent with active ingredients. With just one spray and in no time, it easily removes tough stains and dirt as well as dried or burnt fat without any scrubbing and without damaging the surfaces it is applied on. Ideal for both residential and commercial cleaning. Use it to clean bathroom sinks and porcelain or vinyl/fiberglass bathtubs, glass shower enclosures and their acrylic bases. Also use it to clean faucets and stainless sinks, as well as enamel and stainless cookware. Effectively cleans ceramic cooktops and range hood filters, as well as kitchen countertops. Preheat ovens to 50°C and thoroughly clean them with ease. It is highly recommended for cleaning residential and commercial awnings, truck tarps but also for cleaning boat decks. Rinse with plenty of water and release a long lasting fresh scent.



750ml, 5lt, 10lt, 20lt