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Moisture collector

DUROSTICK WATERTRAP moisture collector is an easy to use device that absorbs moisture using special crystals. Reduces up to 40% of the excess moisture when placed in a closed off space. Its placement removes all unpleasant odors and does not favor mold, bacteria and microorganism growth. Its placement in inhabited spaces improves the air quality and prevents allergies, headaches and rheumatic pains by reducing the indoor levels of humidity and/or moisture. It produces exceptional results when used in spaces that are not regularly ventilated areas, such as storage areas, garages, lofts, attic spaces, indoor heated pools, vacation homes, motor homes, yachts, kitchen cabinets and closets. Prevents moisture related damage to electronic equipment not used often, such as electrical appliances, TVs, computers, sound systems, etc. Protects sensitive to moisture items, such as copper and brass objects, intact, as well as books, documents, etc.



Container with crystals 600gr
Replacement bag of crystals 600gr