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Glass surface protector

Transparent nanotechnology suspension, suitable for the protection of glass surfaces. Apply it to create an invisible, hydrophilic protective film that limits the deposit of air pollutants and dust onto surface pores. Its use makes surfaces easier to clean, using only water, without scrubbing, and without using cleaning products or chemicals. Durable against ultraviolet radiation (UV), permanent moisture and frost. A waterborne product that is user and environment friendly. All glass surfaces of cars (windshield, rear window, side windows and mirrors), trucks, boats, helicopters. Improves visibility and facilitates the cleaning of insects, pollutants, and ice. Reduces the use of windshield wipers and windshield washer fluid. Photovoltaic modules, solar water heaters: Its application increases collectors' performance. The collectors' glass surfaces remain clean, free from dirt and dust that otherwise limit their performance. Storefront displays, glass facades, glass awnings, balconies, outdoor glass surfaces, but also for household use in windows, balcony doors and showers: The products' application maintains or even improves clarity and transparency. Its use 'reduces' the accumulation of pollutants, salts and stains. The result of their protection is the reduced frequency and cost of cleaning, but also their improved exterior image. Ideal for application to seaside areas and areas with 'hard' water, but also for difficult-to-access surfaces.


Consumption 1lt is enough for the protection of 30-40m2, depending on the application method.
Packaging 500ml, 3,5lt.