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Bioclean Nicotine Soot

Biodegradable cleaner for nicotine and soot

Biodegradable cleaner, non-toxic, non-caustic, free of ammonia, phosphates and petroleum derivatives, per the European directive EC 648/2004. The specific directive governs the composition of detergents with respect to their biodegradability. Friendly to human and the environment. It does not irritate hands and it does not cause any inhalation related problems. Spray once to instantly and affordably remove all stains from soot and nicotine, exhaust fumes and other pollutants from painted surfaces without damaging them, yielding the freshly painted look. Reduces the necessity for frequent repainting of areas in hotels and schools, office areas as well as dining halls, restaurants, children rooms, etc.



1lt/20m² of surface


1lt, 5lt