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Bioclean Bathrooms & kitchens cleaner

Biodegradable cleaner for bathrooms and kitchens

Biodegradable cleaner without ammonia, phosphates, and petroleum products per the European directive EC 648/2004 governing detergents in terms of their biodegradability. Product with superior cleaning action that does not affect sensitive surfaces. Effectively removes oils, fats, sauce, scum and buildup, ink, blood, dirt from kitchen stoves and cookware, kettles, ovens, grills, refrigerators, silverware, etc. It also removes pollutants from sanitary ware and tiles, as well as from polished or honed marbles.
Necessary for house, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and recreation boats, bakeries.



1lt/12-14m² of surface
For the daily care: It is recommended to add 50ml BIOCLEAN per 1lt of mop water.


750ml, 5lt, 20lt, 1000lt