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Bioclean Industrial

Biodegradable cleaner – removes oils, grease and mineral oils

Biodegradable cleaner without ammonia, phosphates and petroleum products per the European directive EC 648/2004 governing detergents in terms of their biodegradability. Removes grease, oil, oils from walls, floors, machines. It is necessary for shipyards, refineries, metal construction industries, aluminum industries, car repair shops, car washes, gas stations, ship decks, transportation spaces, etc. Ideal for the removal of formwork oils from concrete, which are the main cause of inefficient adhesion of plasters and paints. Necessary even after the use of metal molds. Decomposes burnt fats in ovens and grills, without affecting surfaces or leaving residues. It can be diluted from 1:1 up to 1:5 parts with clean water. When removing grease and industrial oils, applies without any dilution.



1lt/12-14m² of surface


750ml, 5lt, 20lt, 1000lt