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Fast setting, non shrinking cementitious repair mortar

Ready mixed cementitious mortar that contains corrosion inhibitor and silicate aggregates, stainless, metallic microspheres, as well as high strength polypropylene fibres and polymers. Non shrinking product that does not crack and has impressive surface hardness and strength. Distinguished for its high durability over time to moisture and alkaline environments. It also excels for its high compressive strength and resistance to impact and vibration. Suitable for industrial floor repairs, restoration of manhole openings, as well as general road applications, special construction operations, and precision anchoring. Ideal for restoring columns and walls as a repairing coat, together with the connecting reinforcing rebars, by pouring it into the formwork. Recommended for quick repairs in projects demanding rapid return to service, such as road projects, airport works etc.
Classified PCC R4 as concrete repair product, per EN 1504-3.



Approximately 17kg/m2/cm thick coat or 1.9kg mortar for filling 1lt of volume