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Reinforcing fiberglass mesh for thermal insulation systems and microcement with 4x4mm mesh opening

Fiberglass mesh for reinforcing facade coatings on thermal insulation systems. It has 4x4mm mesh opening and weight of 160gr/m2. Distinguished for its resistance to alkaline environments. Provides significant reinforcement to mortars and protects them from cracks resulting from expansions and contractions. The use of DUROSTICK DS-4160 with the External Thermal Insulation Composite System for buildings, THERMOSEAL (ETICS) is imperative since surface coatings are affected by particular stresses. Primarily because the solar heat cannot be defused backwards due to the insulating boards, and secondarily due to the existence of many joints between the insulation boards. Use the fiberglass mesh DS-4160 to reinforce the microcements, DS-250, DS-252 FLEX, DS-254 IRON of DUROSTICK when lining various surfaces, especially surfaces subjected to high traffic loads (commercial floors spaces) or floors subjected to vibrations (loft floors, etc.).



Roll 1mx50m