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Basecoat Thermo

Crackproof organic coat for thermal insulation boards, in paste form

Flexible, organic, fiber-reinforced acrylic-based coating, that is ready to use. Distinguished for its strong adhesion, ease and speed of application. Ensures high resistance to flexion, compression and impacts, as well as to temperature variations and moisture. When reinforced with the fiberglass mesh DUROSTICK DS-4160, it can be used as a coating over thermal insulation boards for external thermal insulation composite systems of buildings. Ideally combines with silicone and acrylic plasters in paste form, such as HYDROSTOP SILICONE PLASTER and HYDROSTOP ACRYLIC PLASTER of DUROSTICK, without the need of any priming. Classified as render plaster type V2, W3 based on organic binders per EN 15824.



1.5-2.0kg/m²/mm thick coat.




Light gray