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Resin Powder

Improving polymer resin in powder form

Polymer resin in powder form that is odorless, user and environment friendly. Add it to cement and lime mortars to increase their properties.
As additive, is ideal for:
• Concrete repairs • New or existing plasters in need of repairs • Building or setting mortar • Cementitious adhesives • Grouts and tile/marble adhesives • Adhering existing with new concrete or mortar • Scratch coat plasters • Cement screeds or microcemento (decorative pressed cement screeds)
Exceptional as brushable or sprayable primer, use as:
• Floor primer to prevent dusting and impart abrasion resistance • Surface stabilizer of unsound concrete or plaster surfaces. Exceptional as primer for: Increased adhesion of gypsum based plasters on extruded polystyrene boards.


Consumption Depending on the application and the desired level of improvement.
Packaging 6x1kg, 12x1kg.