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Improving construction resin for mortars - 100% acrylic

Advanced new technology acrylic polymer emulsion of high concentration, and nanomolar technology. It is ideal for improving cement and lime mortars and enhancing their properties.

• Increases bonding strength to the substrate.
• Improves mortar flexibility, watertightness and workability.
• Reduces curing-related shrinkage and prevents hairline cracks.
• Increases mass and surface strengths.
• Facilitates the construction of thin coats, enhances abrasion resistance and prevents surface dusting.
• Resistant to cement and lime alkalinity.
• Does not re-emulsify after the mortar is cured.
• Increases the resistance of mortars to acids, salts, oils, petroleum products.
• Increases plaster durability against moisture and frost that lead to its gradual disintegration.
• Reduces the water requirement of mortars.




Depending on the application. From 1:1 up to 1:8 product to water ratio.


750ml, 3.5lt, 18lt, 1000lt