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Nano Proof Wood DS-350

Water repelling - waterproofing agent for wood surfaces

Solvent free, water repelling and waterproofing product, suitable for the protection of wood surfaces, both indoors and out. Its nanomolar structure allows for deep penetration into the wood, regardless of type or hardness. It creates a powerful invisible protection shield that ensures long life and remains unaffected from UV radiation and constant moisture. Its use significantly slows down the ageing of surfaces the product is applied on. It does not peel nor shine. It does not affect the appearance of the wood surface and allows for its breathability. It prevents the penetration of pollutants, in that way the surface does not stain nor yellow. Apply it on new, unpainted or thoroughly sanded, existing wood surfaces such as garden furniture, wood sheds and fences, recreational boat decks and any other wood object to be protected from water. Odorless, water soluble it ensures the timeless beauty and protection of wood surfaces and objects.



1lt/6- 8m², depending on the absorbency of the wood surface


750ml, 2.5lt