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Vitro Hybrid

Decorative coating with glass aggregates

Ready to use, decorative coating in paste form, suitable for style creations of unique aesthetics. Its composition includes high-clarity multicolor glass aggregates in grain sizes 1-4mm, that allow for natural or artificial light to diffuse through them and creates spectacular iridescences. It permanently adheres to any sound surface and also has an extended open working time. It follows the expansions and contractions of the coated surfaces successfully without cracking. It is applied to walls made of marble, concrete, cement board, gypsum board, plasterboard, old tiles, MDF or OSB, after their proper preparation. It is applied to windows, skylights, acrylic showers (windows), acrylic sheets, interior doors with glass, etc. Also, everyday items such as glass or polystyrene jars, bottles, as well as objects such as candlesticks, lanterns, lamps, can be renewed with VITRO HYBRID paste, literally ‘vitrified’ and aesthetically upgraded.



Vitro Hybrid 1-4mm: 7-8kg/


5kg, 15kg