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Stucco Vivere

Decorative styling stucco

Ready to use, white paste, based on acrylic resins and fine, low-absorbency aggregates. A product suitable for creating decorative styles on a variety of surfaces. Its special formula allows for the creation of artistic expressions with high decorative interest, giving the majestic feel of marble with incredible veining. It has excellent adhesion on properly prepared surfaces; it is easily workable and it applies perfectly. Its white color is the basis for creating a wide range of 120 colors, through DUROCOLOR, the measuring system for shade rendering of DUROSTICK. It applies on skimmed walls and ceilings, drywall previously primed with AQUAFIX, and cement boards, on previously painted surfaces, but also on properly prepared metal and wood surfaces, such as wood doors, existing furniture, etc. Its excellent plasticity and strong grip allows for its application on a multitude of constructs such as benches, sofas, tables, beds, fireplaces, columns, etc.



1kg/2-3m², on properly prepared surfaces


1kg, 5kg