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Lusso D’oro Base Di Colori

Water-soluble undercoat for patina styles

Water-soluble special-purpose acrylic undercoat, available in brown and black colors, suitable for creating patina styles. It constitutes part of a system together with the acrylic varnish DECOLUX combined with the metallic pigments LUSSO D’ORO. Distinguished for its unique endurance and strong bonding ability on a wide range of surfaces (marble and gypsum-based plasters, wood, primed metal, ceramic, glass, etc.). After curing for 24 hours, it is not affected by solvent-based varnishes. LUSSO D’ORO BASE DI COLORI successfully applies on painted or unpainted wood or metal furniture, as well as picture frames and wall surfaces made of drywall or cement board. Apply it also on interior decorative plaster ornaments and ceiling rosettes as well as decorative crown moldings made from polystyrene, wood or plaster. Use it for ceramic or cement statues, glass bottles, ceramic pots, etc.



1kg/6-8m² per coat, on properly prepared surfaces




Brown, black