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Decorative acrylic, solvent-based varnish for style creations

Acrylic varnish of gloss finish, ideal for homogenizing with the non-fading, metallic styling powders, LUSSO D’ORO. Highly resistant to UV radiation, it creates a strong, water repellent and oil repellent protection film that does not peel and does not turn yellow over time. Offers a unique aesthetic effect over marble and gypsum-based plasters, drywall, cement board, as well as MDF and chipboard. Decorates and protects walls, coated with emulsion or acrylic paints as well as unpainted wall surfaces. Apply two coats of the styling system DECOLUX together with LUSSO D’ORO to coordinate and fit perfectly wood doors, closets and elements coated wit henamel paints or varnishes within both modern and classical spaces. Upgrades ceramic or cement statues and planters (big and small), by altering their aesthetic form and value, adding permanent touches of gold, silver or copper, resistant to the passage of time.



1lt/5-8m², on properly prepared surfaces, depending on their absorbency


750ml, 2.5lt