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Adhesive fiberglass joint tape for gypsum board, cement board as well as cracks on concrete and plaster with 2.5x2.5mm mesh opening

Self adhering alkali resistant fiberglass tape with mesh opening 2.5x2.5mm and weight of 55gr/m2. Necessary for strengthening horizontal and vertical gypsum board and cement board joints. Apply immediately after the first coat during taping, (or directly on the joint before a bed coat is applied), when using the joint compound for gypsum board D-67 or the joint compound for cement board D-68 of DUROSTICK. Coat over the tape with the second and final coat. Its application ensures resilient joints and protects from capillary cracks or bursting. Ideal for spot strengthening cracks in concrete. It is suitable and necessary for at length applications of joints between floors and walls, before coating with cementitious wa­terproofing products.



5cmx20m & 5cmx90m rolls