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Durocolor Powder-C

Pigments in powder form for the creation of colored mortars
Colored, vinyl coated resins in powder form. When added to the mixing water of mortars, they yield 96 color chart selected colors for: • Decorative pressed cement screeds DS-250, DS-252 FLEX, DS-256 FLEX VELVET and DS-254 IRON. Spackling (skimming) pastes: STUCOFIX-P, POWDER COAT, GRANULAR and GRANULAR ULTRA.  • White cementitious GROUTS (0-3mm, 1-10mm, 5-20mm), FLEXIBLE & OIL REPELLENT GROUT, white mortars D-3, D-4, D-5 and Anti-slip. • A multitude of white mortars: marble and gypsum based plasters and white cement.


Consumption 1 - 3 bags of 250gr each one, depending on the desired color, based on the DUROCOLOR POWDER-C color chart.
Packaging 250gr per bag