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Solvent Based Primer

Stabilizer for plaster, concrete, gypsum and cement boards

Clear, waterproofing breathable stabilizing acrylic primer with high penetrating ability and powerful adhesion. Necessary for surfaces made of plaster, lime, concrete, gypsum board and cement boards as well as skim coated walls and brick. Ensures the exceptional bonding with acrylic elastomeric waterproofers, such as No39, DS-220 or TECHNOPROOF and polyurethane based waterproofers such as HYDROSTOP-PU of DUROSTICK. Its application increases the durability of emulsion, acrylic as well as textured paints and coatings. Quick drying that does not yellow like linseed oil does.
Suitable for interior and exterior applications.



• For walls: Approximately 13-15m² per coat
• For roofs: Approximately 9-11m² per coat
Depending on the absorbency of the surface and dilution rate


1lt, 4lt, 15lt